Anonymous said: Hello! Do you know the name of the model on Dear Li Taobao? She is the main model, featured on the front page, too. Thank you!

The page says that her name is Langzi (琅子) and that she’s the store owner!

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More for anon - these are made of rabbit fur.

More for anon - these are made of rabbit fur.

For the anon who asked for fawn fur collars, I only found a couple! This one is most likely not made of real fur, but I think it’s really pretty

For the anon who asked for fawn fur collars, I only found a couple! This one is most likely not made of real fur, but I think it’s really pretty

Anonymous said: Do you think you could possibly find the dresses from your post (/post/24293594224) again? The dresses were soooo pretty but it doesn't look like the page for them exists anymore D':

For sure, here’s an alternate seller! I’m glad you like those dresses, I think they’re really beautiful too.

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Hello All~ I am posting an agent review of the website,

I’ve been using them a little over a year now, and I really like them a lot! I’ve ordered a total of 8 orders from them,  each pricing around $20-$50. I don’t order a lot, usually just cloths and wigs.

Lemme start off with the pros.

PROS: Will tell you whether the item is out of stock, and what colors are avail, give you a tracking number, and pretty much will help you with anything! There are 2 customer service reps, Jessica and Colin. Both are chiense, and kind of don’t type english very well sometimes. But they will solve your problem. I haven’t had one problem with them over this year. 

CONS: Shipping sometimes.. Shipping is usually estimated on the weight of your items. Usually I pay $20 for shipping, one time I paid I think 40 or 60. As long as you ask them before paying for the weight, it shouldn’t be a problem.

The payments are set up into 2 seperate payments. First payment is for the items, second is for the shipping to your address. First you order the items through their website (the cart I should say.), then they process it. They you make a payment and then wait for it to arrive at their location. Then you pay for shipping, and then they ship it out. They give you a tracking number btw! Shipping doesn’t usually take that long.. Anywhere from 5-10days (depending on season, customs, shipping choice.) They have 3 shipping options, China Post, HK Post and EMS. EMS Shipping takes about 5-10 days, while China and HK takes about 7-21 days. I always pick EMS.

I’ve never had a problem with this website at all, and have enjoy each item I received.

Here is the link again,

Enjoy !

Thank you mei-doll for submitting this clear and helpful review! For any of you who are looking for a good agent.

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colour: black // brownprice: 19.00元 

These are lovely. I’d also want black or brown!


colour: black // brown
price: 19.00 

These are lovely. I’d also want black or brown!


FOR TRADE: This lovely Infanta dress for any of your Taobao stuff! I’d love to have the following items for partial trade, but if you have any other offers, I’d love to consider them!

Measurements: Size M
Bust - 88 cm
Waist - 72 cm
Length - 90cm

PM me for offers and details!

Thought some of you might be interested in this!

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Anonymous said: How do I purchase products online? I'm from Australia

Hello, sorry for the late reply, this message totally slipped by me. Please see this post on buying things from taobao from outside China. If you’re looking for a shopping service, one reader has recommended Taobao Spree!

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Anonymous said: Do you know if sizing on taobao is true to size? Or do they run larger/smaller than normally? ^^;

Usually smaller than US sizes, and can vary a lot between different clothes from different stores. I wouldn’t use S, M, L sizes as your point of reference. On almost all clothing on taobao, sellers will post the measurements of the garment (in cm) in its description. You should know your own measurements to see if the clothing will fit you - the most important one to look at is usually the bust 胸围, especially if you have larger breasts! Also, since the sellers make all measurements themselves, give some wiggle room for human error.

If you are worried about clothing being too small, you could try searching for size L 大码 (or browsing within the plus sizes category here). I just discovered this last week and it’s been so much easier finding clothes that would fit! I’m an M in North America but I usually have to go for L or XL in China, so the standards aren’t quite the same.